Bowel Control Disorder (BCD) also called bowel incontinence affects a large portion of the population. While it affects both genders, up to one-third of women who have given birth have some level of BCD. Sadly, most patients are too embarrassed to discuss it—even with their doctor – and a large majority suffer in silence.

Secca therapy is an innovative treatment option for patients with BCD, who have not responded to conservative treatments and would like to avoid invasive surgery or implants. 

  • Secca has been proven safe and effective in multiple studies
  • Up to 84% of patients experience a significant improvement in symptoms
  • Outpatient procedure with low complication rate

BCD is a treatable condition and should not be accepted as a natural side-effect of aging or childbirth. Seek help, or encourage those you know are suffering from BCD, to seek help from a qualified physician.

Always consult your physician for diagnosis and appropriate treatment options for your condition. Information contained on this website should not be used as a substitute for consulting with a medical professional.

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